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Scott Barbour, MD - Orthopaedic Surgeon

Advanced Hip Arthroscopy

Dr. Barbour has been a leader in hip arthroscopy for over 15 years. He works as an instructor teaching other surgeons how to perform hip arthroscopy and does consulting for Arthrex working to innovate in the field of hip arthroscopy. Dr. Barbour has also developed a technique for LABRAL RECONSTRUCTION (the ability to restore lost cartilage) using cadaver tissue. Dr. Barbour has extensive experience in helping patients who have undergone failed hip arthroscopy, as well as patients with mild to moderate arthritis. Dr. Barbour is also extremely experienced in hip replacement surgery and thus has a unique perspective on the appropriate treatment for patients with hip problems.

Following arthroscopic hip surgery patients are weight bearing immediately, are able to shower the following day and most are able to drive a car with in a few days. No bracing is required and the only restriction is no cutting sports for 6 months. Most patients are able to exercise with in a few weeks after surgery.

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Allograft Reconstruction of Labrum for patients who have lost their Labrum

Hip Arthroscopy With Labral Repair by Dr. Scott Barbour, M.D.

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Problem: Your patient has persistent groin pain, however, x-rays and MRI are negative.

Solution: Your patient is suffering from Femoral Acetabular Impingement, and/or an occult labral tear. Arthroscopic hip surgery can be used to correct the problem.

Hip arthroscopy is a relatively new surgical technique that can be effectively employed to treat a variety of hip conditions. Hip arthroscopy has been relatively slow to develop. It was initially believed to be difficult to perform any meaningful surgery based on the constrained anatomy of the joint. Recent developments of new surgical techniques have made arthroscopic hip surgery easier to perform and thus more effective.

It is well known that hip arthroscopy can be employed to remove loose bodies, debride loose cartilage, and treat synovitis. Less understood is a condition known as Femoral Acetabular Impingement. This condition occurs when the anterior aspect of the femoral head pinches the acetabular labrum against the acetabulum when the hip is brought into flexion and adduction. Over time this condition leads initially to groin pain, to frank labral tearing, and eventually hip arthritis.

Currently the condition is under appreciated and as a result seeing multiple physicians and rarely getting adequately diagnosed and treated often frustrates patients. Patients often present complaining of groin pain, which is exacerbated with flexion, adduction, and internal rotation of the hip. Treatment consists of partial resection of the femoral neck where it impinges on the acetabulum, and debridement or repair of the labrum. Dr. Scott Barbour has treated over 50 patients with this condition, and has well over 95% good or excellent results. Dr. Barbour has trained with Dr. Marc Philipon, a recognized pioneer in hip arthroscopy. Dr. Barbour can be reached at (404) 775-1191.

Anamolies or pathologies that can be corrected by Hip Arthroscopy

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